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Elderly Monitoring Devices

Some seniors are skeptical about elderly monitoring devices, often wondering whether the system will work for them. Today’s systems are discreet, requiring the user to wear a small alert button on the wrist, around the neck, or on a belt clip. And the protection and peace of mind they provide should erase most doubts.

Elderly monitoring devices connect the user to a call list that they help to set up, allowing emergency personnel access to medical history, medications, and preferred doctors and hospitals. In addition, friends and family can be notified immediately in an emergency.

If you have doubts about your need for an elderly monitoring device, you should know that 1 in 3 seniors fall every year, and their chances of falling again significantly increase.

If your loved ones call to check on you every day, or worry about you falling, they will also benefit from the peace of mind of elderly monitoring devices.


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